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City Signs 2024 Blog Post

If you’re a city manager or facilities manager and you are looking for a new source of revenue. And you also want to promote the city and you want to use signage. What are the options? Here are several considerations:

Light Pole Sign / Billboards: These can be strategically placed in high-traffic areas to attract attention from both residents and visitors. You can sell advertising space on these billboards to local businesses or corporations looking to reach a broader audience.

Wayfinding Signage: Invest in well-designed directional signs to help guide visitors to key attractions, landmarks, and businesses within the city. You can work with local businesses to sponsor these signs, providing them with visibility while enhancing the city’s navigational infrastructure.

Sponsorship of Public Facilities: Consider selling naming rights or sponsorships for public facilities such as parks, community centers, sports complexes, or even public transportation hubs. This not only generates revenue but also fosters a sense of community pride and involvement.

Street Banners: Install decorative banners along major streets and thoroughfares to promote local events, festivals, or cultural initiatives. Businesses or organizations sponsoring these banners can have their logos or names prominently displayed, providing them with exposure while contributing to the city’s vibrancy.

Event Sponsorship: Seek sponsorship for city-hosted events such as concerts, festivals, or parades. Sponsors can receive recognition through signage at the event venue, promotional materials, and digital platforms, gaining exposure to a large audience while supporting community activities.

Light pole signs honoring veterans and key figures in a town or area can indeed be a meaningful way to generate additional revenue while also recognizing the contributions of important individuals. Here are some ways cities can leverage this opportunity:

Sponsorship Opportunities: Cities can offer sponsorship opportunities for businesses or organizations to have their name or logo displayed alongside the tribute to veterans or key figures. This could be in the form of a plaque or banner attached to the light pole sign.

Tourism Promotion: Highlighting the contributions of key figures in the town’s history can attract tourists interested in learning about local heritage. Cities can collaborate with tourism boards to promote these attractions, potentially increasing tourism revenue.

Community Fundraising Events: Organizing community fundraising events, such as charity dinners, auctions, or marathons, where proceeds go towards maintaining or installing light pole signs honoring veterans and key figures can generate revenue.

Annual Sponsorship Packages: Cities can offer annual sponsorship packages to businesses or individuals interested in supporting the upkeep of these signs. In return, sponsors could receive recognition in city publications, on the city’s website, or at city events.

Regarding the different groups of people that cities can honor with street banners, here are some ideas:

Military Veterans: Recognizing the sacrifices and contributions of military veterans by displaying their names or photos on street banners.

Historical Figures: Honoring historical figures who played significant roles in shaping the town’s development, such as founders, prominent leaders, or cultural icons.

Local Heroes: Celebrating local heroes, such as firefighters, police officers, healthcare workers, and educators, who have made notable contributions to the community.

Community Leaders: Recognizing current or past community leaders, including mayors, city council members, and grassroots activists, who have worked to improve the town or advocate for important causes.

Cultural Icons: Paying tribute to cultural icons or artists who have had a profound impact on the town’s cultural identity or artistic heritage.

Sports Figures: Honoring athletes or sports teams that have brought pride and recognition to the town through their achievements.

Innovators and Entrepreneurs: Recognizing innovators, entrepreneurs, and business leaders who have contributed to the economic growth and prosperity of the town.

By diversifying the groups of people honored with street banners, cities can ensure inclusivity and represent the full spectrum of contributions that have shaped their communities.

By exploring these options and tailoring them to the specific needs and characteristics of your city, you can effectively generate revenue through signage while enhancing the overall promotion and visibility of your community.

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