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Partial & Full Banner Sign Wraps



  • Full Banner Sign Wraps – Cover Full Sign Board
  • Partial Banner Sign Wraps – Cover a Portion of the Sign Board
  • Great for Frequent Sign / Message Changes
  • New Events, Sponsors, Sales Promotions, etc.
  • Includes Sewn in Velcro Hook with Adhesive Loop to Attach to Sign Board

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Partial Banner Sign Wraps | 13 ounce Banner | Velcro Hook & Loop
Full Banner Sign Wraps 18 Wide | 13 ounce Banner | Velcro Hook & Loop | Pole Master
Full Banner Sign Wraps 24 Wide | Swivel Pro | Swivel Flex | Aero Flex Signs | Velcro Hook & Loop

Quantity20 - 49 4%
Quantity50 - 69 6%
Quantity70 - 99 8%
Quantity100 - 1000 10%


Vinyl Banner Partial Sign Wraps or Full Banner Sign Wraps 13 ounce

Banners Include Velcro / Hook Sewn In
Includes Velcro / Loop with Adhesive to Attach to Sign Boards

Lightpolesigns.com proudly introduces a groundbreaking innovation in the realm of outdoor signage: the new Light Pole Sign featuring aluminum sign boards with a versatile twist. This innovative design incorporates the use of vinyl banners that can cover either a portion or the entire surface of the sign, offering a dynamic and cost-effective way to showcase messages and graphics. What sets this product apart is its ability to swiftly and effortlessly attach these banners to the aluminum sign using a convenient Velcro system.

The incorporation of aluminum sign boards serves as a durable and reliable base for the signage, ensuring longevity and resilience against outdoor elements. The addition of the vinyl banner, either partial or as a full wrap, marks a revolution in the realm of light pole signs. This creative approach allows for easy customization and swift message changes without the need for extensive resources or time-consuming processes.

The Velcro attachment system is the linchpin of this innovation, facilitating a hassle-free application and removal of the vinyl banner. This quick-change feature provides customers with the flexibility to alter messages frequently, tailoring the signage to suit different events, promotions, or seasonal themes. This adaptability not only keeps the content fresh and current but also offers a unique and engaging way to captivate audiences.

The advantages of this system are multifaceted. It provides a cost-effective solution for businesses to monetize their light pole signs by offering prime advertising space. Additionally, the ability to promptly update messages or graphics minimizes expenses typically associated with altering signage, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a dynamic and budget-friendly advertising solution.

In conclusion, the new Light Pole Sign from Lightpolesigns.com introduces a game-changing approach to outdoor signage by combining aluminum sign boards with versatile vinyl banners. The Velcro-based attachment system allows for swift customization, providing an innovative, cost-effective, and dynamic platform for businesses to promote their messages and keep their content fresh.

Great for car dealerships, shopping malls, churches, universities, schools, cities, counties and much more.

Learn more about monetizing your light poles here. 

Additional information

Weight3 lbs
Dimensions24 × 5 × 5 in

36×28, 36×34, 36×40, 48×46, 48×70, 48×94


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