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Die-Cut Printed Alumalite® Sign Boards + 8″ Width Custom Cut 3D Look



  • Rigid, Lightweight and Durable Sign Boards
  • 3D Die-Cut Sign Boards
  • Get Noticed, Attract More Attention
  • Designed for Swivel Pro, Swivel Flex, Aero Flex Signs

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24 Wide | Swivel Pro | Swivel Flex | Aero Flex Signs*

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Quantity70 - 99 8%
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Die-Cut Printed Alumalite 5mm Outdoor Sign Boards with Die-Cut

lightpolesigns.com introduces an innovative breakthrough in the realm of outdoor advertising with its latest creation: the Light Pole Sign featuring an Alumalite sign board. This cutting-edge product represents a paradigm shift in visual marketing, leveraging a rigid sign board that can be die-cut, ushering in a new era of 3D visual concepts designed to capture more attention and views.

The introduction of the die-cut Alumalite sign board represents a significant leap in outdoor signage technology. Its sturdy construction not only ensures durability against various weather conditions but also opens up a realm of creative possibilities. The die-cut capability allows for the creation of three-dimensional elements, making the text, logos, and images stand out with a remarkable increase in size – 27% larger for text, 25% larger for logos, and images. This amplification in size not only enhances visibility but also captivates the audience’s attention more effectively.

The customizability of this new product is one of its most compelling features. It provides businesses with the opportunity to explore unlimited creative options. This versatility enables tailoring the signage to the specific needs and brand aesthetics of different businesses. Whether it’s a unique shape, a creative design, or a standout message, the Alumalite sign board offers a canvas for imagination and innovation, empowering businesses to showcase their brand identity in an attention-grabbing manner.

The advantages of this cutting-edge product are manifold. Not only does it deliver a visually striking 3D effect, but it also significantly amplifies the visibility of key elements of the signage. This innovative approach to outdoor advertising enhances brand recognition and ensures that messages are communicated more effectively to passersby, thereby increasing engagement and foot traffic.

In conclusion, lightpolesigns.com’s Alumalite sign board in the Light Pole Sign represents a transformative leap in outdoor advertising. The die-cut capabilities, coupled with increased size and unlimited customization, pave the way for a new era of visually captivating and effective marketing, offering businesses an innovative edge in attracting attention and engaging their audience.

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Weight5 lbs
Dimensions42 × 34 × 1 in

18×30, 18×36, 18×42, 24×48, 24×72, 24×96


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