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Printed Aluminum Sign Boards 4mm


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18 Width Printed Omega 4mm Sign Boards (composite core)

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Pole Master Fixed Bracket 18″ Wide Printed Omega 4mm Sign Boards Composite Core (Lowest Price)

Introducing the Pole Master Fixed Bracket Arm by LightPoleSigns.com, an innovative solution revolutionizing the way we display signage on light poles. Paired with the versatile Printed Omega 4mm Sign Boards, this combination offers a cutting-edge alternative to traditional vinyl banners, bringing a new era of durability, strength, and visibility to outdoor advertising.

The Printed Omega 4mm Sign Boards are crafted with a composite core, skillfully layered with thin aluminum on both sides. This construction sets these sign boards apart, elevating them above the conventional vinyl banners. Their robust design ensures they don’t tear or rip, presenting a polished and professional display at all times.

Unlike vinyl banners that may succumb to wear and tear, these sign boards maintain a taut and firm appearance consistently. The reliability of the materials used ensures they remain resilient against the elements, guaranteeing a long-lasting and impressive presence for your signage needs.

One of the standout features of the Pole Master Fixed Bracket Arm is its seamless compatibility with the Printed Omega 4mm Sign Boards. The fixed bracket arm offers a secure and sturdy platform for mounting, allowing for easy installation and ensuring a stable display that remains unaffected by wind, weather, or other environmental factors.

The advantages of these innovative sign boards over traditional banners are manifold. Their enhanced durability and strength provide a more robust solution for outdoor advertising. Furthermore, their rigid composition ensures excellent visibility, maintaining a professional and sleek appearance that won’t fade or degrade over time.

In conclusion, LightPoleSigns.com’s Pole Master Fixed Bracket Arm combined with Printed Omega 4mm Sign Boards presents a game-changing solution for businesses seeking a reliable, durable, and impactful signage display. Say goodbye to the hassles of torn banners and embrace the future of outdoor advertising with these high-quality, long-lasting sign boards.

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Weight5 lbs
Dimensions30 × 18 × 1 in
Printed Sign Boards

18" x 30", 18" x 36", 18" x 42", 18" x 48", 18" x 54", 18" x 60", 24" x 48", 24" x 60", 24" x 72", 24" x 84, 24" x 96"