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Swivel Pro™ Light Pole Signs


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Hardware Kit*
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Option 1 Printed Sign Board | Omega 6mm Aluminum Sign Board (composite core)
Option 2 Printed Sign Board | Alumalite 5mm Sign Board (fluted core)

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Swivel Pro™ Light Pole Signs | Spring Wind Release Swivel | Great in Windy Areas
Designed For 24″ w Aluminum Composite Sign Boards or 24″ Pole Pocket Vinyl Banners

Introducing the Swivel Pro Light Pole Sign, a marvel of engineering! This remarkable sign features a unique bracket arm with our exclusive wind release spring pivot swivel mechanism. It allows the sign board to turn with the wind, reducing pressure and preserving the integrity of the stunning graphic sign boards. Crafted to thrive in the great outdoors, our sign boards are made from robust aluminum, showcasing double-sided panels adorned with UV ink. With easy installation, a lightweight design, and unparalleled strength, our light pole signs are your unmistakable choice for prominent signage solutions.

Swivel Pro™ Light Pole Sign Hardware Includes:

  • (2) SureGrip™ Pole Brackets 6.5″ h x 3.5″ w
  • (2) Swivel Pro™ Bracket Arms 24” w Springs
  • (2) 24″ x .75″ Aluminum Mounting Support Bars for Connecting Sign Board
  • (4) Stainless Steel Hose Clamps 35.25″ length x .55″ width silver
  • (2) Ratchet Straps 42″ length x 1″ width black

Minimum Light Pole Sizes for SureGrip Pole Brackets

  • Square Poles 3.5″ minimum width
  • Round Poles 4.75″ minimum diameter
  • If you have smaller or larger poles, let us know and we will find a solution
  • Round pole diameter calculator, measure circumference around pole and add that number to calculator for pole diameter

Swivel Pro™ Light Pole Sign Hardware Benefits:
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Elegantly Matte Black Powder Coated
  • Combines Durability with Featherlight Build
  • Simple Installation Process
  • Boasts a Distinctive and Sleek Aesthetic
  • Sharp and Tensioned Eye-Catching Graphics

Alumalite Sign Boards 5mm | Omega Sign Boards 4mm | Sign Board Comparison’s
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Features a Brilliant White Aluminum Surface
  • Combines Rigid, Lightweight, and Durable Qualities
  • Certified for Outdoor Use
  • Promises Consistent Tautness and Legibility
  • Boasts Eye-Catching, Stylish Visual Appeal
  • Unleashes Infinite Creative Design Opportunities
  • Significantly More Resilient Than Vinyl Banners
  • Enhanced Outdoor Lifespan with UV Printing
  • Double-Sided Sign Boards Imprinted with UV Ink
  • Purpose-Built for Outdoor Environments
  • Sold Separately


Buyers Guide to Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) Omega Sign Boards (Solid Polyethylene Core)
Buyers Guide to  Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) Alumalite Sign Boards (High Density Corrugated Polypropylene Core) Most Rigid

Presenting LightPoleSigns.com’ latest offerings: 5 innovative hardware products and 5 cutting-edge graphic solutions. Discover the perfect products tailored to your needs.

5 New Innovative Hardware Offerings:

  1. Swivel Pro Light Pole Signs – Designed for Light Poles / Wind Release / Rigid Sign Boards 24″ w / No Solar LED Option
  2. Swivel Flex Pole Sign with Solar LED Lights – Designed for Poles without an Overhead Light Source / Wind Release / Rigid Sign Boards 24″ w / (Note, solar LED light day night sensors may not work in well lit areas)
  3. Pole Master Fixed Arm Brackets – Designed for  Shorter Poles / No Wind Release / Rigid Sign Boards 18″ w / No Solar LED Option
  4. Aero Flex Wall Signs – Designed for Building Wall Mounts / Wind Release  / Rigid Sign Boards 24″ w / Optional Solar LED Lights / (Note, solar LED light day night sensors may not work in well lit areas)
  5. SureGrip Pole Banner Kits – Designed for Light Poles / No Wind Release / Pole Pocket Vinyl Banners / No Solar LED Option

5 New Cutting Edge Graphic Offering:

  1. Blank Sign Boards Alumalite Sign Boards 5mm / Blank Sign Boards Omega Sign Boards 4mm Double Sided / Print Yourself / Use with Partial / Full Sign Wraps (Velcro)
  2. Printed Sign Boards Alumalite Sign Boards 5mm / Printed Sign Boards Omega Sign Boards 4mm Double Sided / UV Ink
  3. Printed Die-Cut Sign Boards Alumalite Sign Boards 5mm / Double Sided / 3D Look / UV Ink
  4. Banner Sign Wraps / Full or Partial 13 oz Vinyl  with Velcro
  5. Pole Pocket Banners / 18 ounce Vinyl Banner / Double Sided / UV Ink / 2″ Pole Pocket Top and Bottom


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LightPoleSigns.com is Revolutionizing Outdoor Sign Advertising. Get ready to harness untapped marketing potential and pave the way for fresh streams of income with this groundbreaking invention. Presenting the Swivel Pro Light Pole Sign, featuring an exclusive wind release spring swivel arm and making use of a durable outdoor sign board that outperforms existing vinyl banner alternatives in the market.

Additional information

Weight16 lbs
Dimensions28 × 9 × 10 in



Swivel Pro Marketing Flyer

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What type/size light poles do these signs work on?
The SureGrip™ Pole Brackets are 3.5″ wide with an arc on the back that accommodates both square and round poles. The minimum square pole width is 3.5″ and the minimum diameter width for a round pole is 4.75″. The maximum pole size is only limited by the length of the hose clamp length. The bracket kit hose clamp length is 35.25″ with a diameter of 11.22″. If you have smaller poles or larger poles, let us know what your requirements are and we will find a solution.

What is the difference between the Swivel Pro Light Pole Sign and the Swivel Flex Pole Sign?
The hardware and sign swivel mechanisms on both units are the same. The Swivel Pro Light Pole Signs do not have solar LED lights. The Swivel Flex Pole Signs include the solar LED Lights.

What is the difference between a light pole sign and a pole sign?
If the pole has an overhead light we refer to it as a light pole sign and if the pole does not have an overhead light we refer to it as a pole sign. Most poles are light pole signs with overhead lights, however there are some poles that do not have overhead lights so we offer the Swivel Pro Flex Pole Sign with solar LED lights. (note: the solar LED light day and night sensors may not be effective in well lit areas.)

How much maintenance is required on these signs?
These signs are designed to reduce service calls with very little maintenance. Each bracket arm has 2 maintenance free enclosed ball bearing rings that allow for the rotation of the swivel arm. The SureGrip Pole Bracket is connected to the bracket arm with 2 screws, 2 washers and 2 locking nuts and the sign board is connected to the swivel arms at the top and bottom with 4 screws. 4 washers and 4 locking nuts. The locking nuts are designed to stay tight but you could check them occasionally to confirm they are tight.

What is the best selling product?
The best selling product is the Swivel Pro Light Pole Sign. The most popular size is the 24″ x 72″ with the 24″ x 96″ close behind.


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