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Springs Set of 8 (Silver)



  • Set of 8 (silver)
  • Replacement Extension Springs
  • Spring Hook Tool Amazon recommended for changing springs (sold separately)
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Replacement Springs 2.5mm Coil Extension Springs Set of 8

Replacement extension springs play a crucial role in the functionality of new light pole sign brackets, allowing the sign to sway slightly in the wind. These springs are engineered to provide flexibility and resilience, ensuring the smooth movement of the sign while maintaining stability and security.

The innovative design of these extension springs enables the light pole sign to pivot or sway slightly when exposed to wind forces. This deliberate movement not only adds an element of adaptability but also mitigates the effects of strong gusts, reducing the strain on the sign and the pole itself. This feature is particularly valuable in regions prone to windy conditions, where rigidly fixed signs might incur excessive stress, leading to potential damage or instability.

When it comes to replacing these extension springs, it’s essential to select high-quality replacements that mirror the original specifications of the sign bracket. Matching the correct spring tension and dimensions ensures the continued functionality and performance of the light pole sign. Moreover, these replacement extension springs should be crafted from durable materials, capable of withstanding outdoor elements such as varying temperatures, UV exposure, and moisture.

Proper installation of these replacement extension springs is pivotal to maintaining the intended flexibility of the sign bracket. Care should be taken to ensure the springs are securely attached, allowing the sign to move as intended without being overly loose or tight, thereby preserving the original purpose of the design.

The availability of replacement extension springs serves as a cost-effective and efficient solution to prolong the lifespan and functionality of light pole signs. By replacing worn-out or damaged springs promptly, businesses and municipalities can uphold the safety, visibility, and integrity of their signage while preserving the aesthetic appeal of the surrounding area.

In conclusion, replacement extension springs for light pole sign brackets enable controlled movement, allowing signs to sway in the wind. Their role in reducing stress on the sign and pole while maintaining stability makes them an integral component for ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of outdoor signage.


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Weight5 lbs
Dimensions5 × 5 × 5 in


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